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FOGARTY Technical Sales Associates, Inc.



The Preeminent Manufacturers Representative in the ITS industry.


We are a Multi-Line Manufacturers Represententative comprised of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Professionals.


We represent the best interests of our Manufacturers by developing a broad, yet defined customer base resulting in deeper market penetration and increased sales through our industry experience, knowledge of the territory, and the synergies of our product offerings.


With its Principal Office located in the Philadelphia, PA suburb of Wayne, PA, Fogarty Technical Sales Associates, Inc. currently supports the Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, Delaware, and West Virginia geographies. 



Featured Products 


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Featured Product

4G Cellular Distribution System(CDS)


OCC's patented Cellular Distribution System (CDS) is a wireless  enhancement product designed to resolve low cellular signal strength  issues for in-building applications. 


Designed as a complete kit, the  CDS system provides everything you need to mitigate your 3G  communications dead zones. 


The system is based on a donor antenna  architecture, whereby an antenna is placed at an external location to  capture the available signal from the provider's tower, deliver it to a  rack-mounted system below which boosts the signal strength and then rebroadcasts it throughout the building where internal antennas are placed.

 The CDS system offers several distinct advantages:


  • The CDS system is a simple, cost-effective solution compared to  high-end DAS systems for area specific coverage enhancement, requiring  no software configuration and minimal adjustment at installation.
  • The low-power 3W unit does not require carrier approval and supports all providers with good signal strength available where the donor  antenna is placed.
  • A dedicated OCC technical support team available to assist in designing and planning your in-building enhancement system.
  • A complete solution, with all hardware including head end, antennas, protection and cable assemblies designed to work optimally together.

In order to simplify the installation, pre-terminated and tested  cable plenum and riser assemblies can be ordered to length or low-loss  bulk cable and connectors are available.

OCC Part No: CDS4G-50-4D

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Hitachi Cable Manchester(HCM)  

Featured Product

Supra 10G-XT Enhanced Category 6A


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 Enhanced UTP Category 6A Cable


Bulk Plenum Cat6A Wire Cable 

 **UL Verified Cat 6A performance

**Guaranteed 10gigabit Ethernet support

**Tested from 1 to 660 MHz

**Offers Guaranteed Headroom to TIA and ISO
Category 6A Requirements

**Patented Non-Concentric Design Increases ANEXT

**Unique Spline Construction is Installation and Termination Friendly

**New, smaller outside diameter



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